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Stud nut electrode

Stud / nut welding electrode (projection welding electrode)

In projection welding (such as automotive industry, bridge construction), lots of sheets and work pieces need to be connected by nuts. This requires high quality nut welding electrodes with not only long service time, but also high strength, hardness and wear resistance.
Our nut welding electrode uses copper tungsten alloy that comprises 75% tungsten and 25% copper as electrode coating to keep its high wear resistance and loading endurance. Chromium Zirconium Copper shaft is used to ensure its high electrical and thermal conductivity.

Copper tungsten pillar
We also supply small copper tungsten pillars with the following sizes and tolerances (0, +0.05):


Dia. 1/2" × 1/4" Dia. 1" × 3/4"
Dia. 5/8" × 1/4" Dia. 1-1/4" × 1/4"
Dia. 3/4" × 1/4" Dia. 1-1/8" × 1/4"
Dia. 7/8" × 1/4" Dia. 1-3/8" × 1/4"
Dia. 1" × 1/4" Dia. 1-1/2" × 1/4"
Material Hardness (HRB) Electrical Conductivity (%IACS) RWMA
75W25Cu 98 45 10W3
Stud welding electrode with copper tungsten coatings

Content  (%wt.) Density  (g/cm3) Hardness (HRB) Electrical Conductivity (%IACS) RWMA Application
Cr:0.6-1% 8.9 85 70 C18200 shaft
Cr: 0.5-1.5% Zr: 0.05-0.25% Cu: balance 8.9 80 80 C18150 shaft
75W25Cu 14.6 98 45 10W3 coating
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