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Molybdenum Fabricated Product

Molybdenum Fabricated Product

Molybdenum fabricated products, also known as molybdenum fabricated parts, adopt pure molybdenum materials, with the purity 99.95% and density 10.2 g/cm3, featuring high heat conductivity and easy processing.


These molybdenum fabricated products are widely used as heating elements, heating shield, electrodes in electric and electrode field. They can be also utilized as spare parts for semiconductor and PVD industry, and lamp components for lighting industry. Besides, molybdenum fabricated products can be applied as vacuum coating for those consumable parts like moly evaporation boat, moly crucible, electrode gun and heater. Our company can manufacture various products according to customers’ drawings and specifications.

Package and Transportation
We pack molybdenum fabricated products in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.

Shanghai Landytop Industry Co.,Ltd owns a highly-qualified technical team which has solid theoretical guidance and extremely rich experience in the aspects of powder metallurgy, press processing and shape processing. In addition, an energetic technical team with appropriate ages is full of powerful creative spirits and exploratory capabilities. Our technical team can provide samples or design molybdenum fabricated products (molybdenum fabricated parts) according to different requirements of customers. Our products are in good quality and competitive price. For more information, please directly enter our website and feel free to contact us.

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