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Molybdenum Plate and Sheet

Molybdenum Plate and Sheet

Molybdenum plate, also named molybdenum sheet, molybdenum heating tape, features high density, balanced internal structure and excellent high creep strength temperature. And its density basically comes close to molybdenum's theory density through rolling and processing with deflection reaching 60%.

Molybdenum plate is widely used as reflection shield, cover plate applied in the sapphire growth furnace, reflection shield, heating tape, connecting pieces applied in vacuum furnace, molybdenum sputtering target in physical vapor deposition, high temperature resistance boats in vacuum coating or high-temperature furnace, spare parts in the ion implantation machine, and electric light source parts or electric vacuum components in electric power semiconductor.

1. The purity of pure molybdenum sheet is over 99.95%.
2. The density of molybdenum plate is more than or equals to 10.2 g/cm3.
3. The flatness is less than 2%.
4. Molybdenum heating tape has good performances of high strength, uniform internal organization and good resistance to high temperature creep.

Components of Molybdenum Plate and Sheet

Item Process Equipment Quality check point
      1 Physical and chemical properties
1 Mo billet   2  Measurements of sheet billet
2 Check   3  Surface quality
      4  Unit net weight of billet material
3 Hot rolled Hot mill 1   Measurements (thickness, width)
4 Annealing 200T press machine 2   Surface crack, stratification for two ends
5 Alkali wash Alkali bath furnace 3   Skew rolling
6 Check   4   Flatness
7 Warm rolled Four -high cold mill 1  Measurements  (length, width and thickness)
8 Vacuum annealing Vacuum annealing furnace 2  Side crack, bubbles on surface
9 Check   3   Flatness
10 Cold rolled Four -high cold mill 1  Density
11 Leveling W43G series straightener 2  Measurements (length, width, and thickness)
12 Cut Hydraulic plate shears 3  Surface quality, bubbles on surface
13 Vacuum annealing Vacuum annealing furnace    5  Roll mark, stress, flatness
14 Check   6  Quality standard: GB/T3876-2007 or ASTM
15 Package   7  Show certificate of quality

Technical Parameters of Molybdenum Plate and Sheet
Measurements and Tolerances

Thickness Thickness tolerance Width Width tolerance Length Length tolerance Delivery condition
<0.3 ±0.02 10~150 ±2 500 ±2 Cold rolled
0.3 ±0.03 10~250 ±2 500 ±2 Cold rolled
0.4 ±0.04 10~250 ±2 500 ±2 Cold rolled
0.5 ±0.05 10~300 ±2 500 ±2 Cold rolled
0.8 ±0.07 10~300 ±0.5 500 ±0.5 Cold rolled
1.0 ±0.08 10~300 ±0.5 600 ±0.5 Cold rolled
1.5 ±0.12 10~400 ±0.5 600 ±0.5 Cold rolled
2.0 ±0.12 10~500 ±0.5 700 ±0.5 Cold rolled
3.0 ±0.20 10~500 ±0.5 600 ±0.5 Hot rolled
4.0 ±0.30 10~500 ±0.5 600 ±0.5 Hot rolled
≥5.0 ±0.40% 10~550 ±0.5 600 ±0.5 Hot rolled

Package and Transportation
Molybdenum plate and sheet and molybdenum reflection shield are packed in plywood case and sent by ocean or air.

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