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Copper Tungsten Rotary Electrode for PCD and PCBN erosion

Our copper tungsten rotary electrode has high physical and mechanical properties to answer the PCD tools / disk erosion need. Great efforts have been spent to research into and optimize our process to develop quality product for this application.

Longer life and fine surface roughness for your PCD tools!
1. High conductivity and routine maintenance allows stable performance of tungsten copper electrodes.
2. High thermal conductivity helps PCD to endure high temperature.
3. High density ensures the least bend destroy of PCD blades.

Class Chemical Composition (wt. %) Density Hardness Conductivity
Cu Total additives ≤ W g/cm3 ≥ HB  kgf/mm3 ≥ %IACS  ≥
W70Cu30 30±2.0 0.5 balance 13.8 175 42
W75Cu25 25±2.0 0.5 balance 14.5 195 38
W80Cu20 20±2.0 0.5 balance 15.15 220 34

We produces all kinds of PCD eroding electrodes suitable for Vollmer and Walter machines, including QW, QM, QMC, QR270, QXD400, QXD200, QM400, QM110, QM eco, QX, QF270, and Helitronic.

The drafts listed here are suggested electrodes for each machine model. We are capable of producing any shape and size in accordance with your specific order. Not sure about which electrode to choose? Contact us right now.

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