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Molybdenum Electrodes and Molybdenum-faced Electrodes

Molybdenum is a kind of hard, silvery white metal with extremely high melting point (2610°C), low thermal expansion rate, high thermal conductivity, low vapor pressure, excellent corrosion resistance to molten metal and glass. Molybdenum products, like molybdenum electrodes, molybdenum-faced electrodes, are widely used in smelting, aerospace, electronics, machinery, chemical industry, especially for resistance welding electrodes. Pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloys are available based on customer’s requirements.

Molybdenum electrode (TZM, MoLa, Pure Moly, depends on customer’s welding products)

Molybdenum-faced electrode
Shaft material: copper, BeCu or CuCrZr

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