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Molybdenum Crucible

Molybdenum Crucible

Molybdenum crucible, also known as molybdenum melting pot, characterizes in good oxidation resistance ability under high temperature, and good electrochemical corrosion resistance ability. It can keep the original shape under high temperature operations and is a well-suited high temperature auxiliary material.
Molybdenum crucible can be made through riveting and welding with several molybdenum sheets and it can be also made by powder metallurgy in integral form.
We can produce various molybdenum crucibles, such as round mouth crucible, taper crucible, ellipse crucible and bottomless crucible. According to the required diameter, thickness, tilt angle, we can produce various shapes and sizes of molybdenum crucibles to meet your requirements.

1. The purity of molybdenum crucible is above or equal to 99.95%.
2. Its overall density is above or equal to 9.8 g/cm3.
3. The applicable temperature for molybdenum crucible is around 2400ºC in vacuum or deoxidized atmosphere.

Owing to the high temperature resistance feature and cleanness of molybdenum and its alloys, molybdenum crucibles are widely used as the special high temperature container in industries of LED industry, carbuncle and sapphire growth, rare earth smelting and vacuum spraying.

Performance of Molybdenum Crucible

Material Density  Condition Size
Mo 99.95% 10.1g/cc Forging  Diameter: 10-130mm; High: 10-200mm
Mo 99.95% 9.8g/cc Sintering  Diameter: 10-500mm; High: 10-600mm

Package and Transportation
We pack molybdenum crucible and molybdenum liner in plywood case and send them by ocean or air.

Founded in 2008, Shanghai Landytop Industry Co.,Ltd. specializes in producing tungsten molybdenum product. We are a professional supplier of molybdenum crucible (molybdenum melting pot) in China. If you show interest in this product, please contact us immediately and we will provide various kinds for your reference.

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